Rally ’round the flag

In a grassy area of the Vatican nunciature just a bit north of the building lay a small Vatican flag, discarded for no apparent reason. A few minutes after it was detected, it was claimed by Roby Chavez, a reporter for WTTG-TV, the Fox network’s Washington outlet.

“I know, I know,” Chavez said, expecting a reproving glance (if not remark) about the notion of journalistic impatiality. “But it worked for me yesterday.”

Chavez said he was at the embassy reporting on Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival at the embassy April 15. Chavez had obtained the flag from somewhere and waved it. Pope Benedict, according to  Chavez, “stopped, then he waved at us. It shows that he likes us” — reporters, that is.

Chavez said his next overture would be, “Hey, Holy Father, want to come over for an interview?” But even he seemed to admit that a flag has only so much power.


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