David McCullough: fame and fortune

David McCullough, honored April 10 by The Christophers with a Life Achievement Award, has done plenty in his professional life to make him worthy of the honor, including writing several history books — two of which have won Pulitzer Prizes — and hosting or narrating several series and specials on PBS.

“If people stop me at airports or restaurants, and I like that, I’m always curious whether they know me from my work in television or my work in books,” McCullough told CNS in an April 9 telephone interview. “My wife Rosalee and I pulled up one time in a hotel in Philadelphia and the doorman opened the door for Rosalee to get out. I popped the trunk for the doorman to get the suitcases,” he recounted.

“As he (the doorman) was leaning over and putting the bags on the sidewalk, he stood up straight and said, `Welcome, Mr. McCullough. It’s great to see you. Welcome to Philadelphia and our hotel!’

“I said, `Thank you for the greeting. But how did you know who I am? From my books or from my work on television?’

“`By the tag on your suitcase!'”

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