A little name change

Sharp-eyed viewers of these pages may have noticed a slight name change: Rather than calling this the CNS News Hub, we’re now simply calling it the CNS Blog.

The reason for the name change is equally simple. When this all started in 2006, the News Hub was a way chiefly to link to interesting stories from CNS clients. Over time, though, it morphed into more of a traditional blog, with links to client stories plus news nuggets and other interesting tidbits about CNS that didn’t fit into a traditional news story format.

And with the papal trip to the United States just two weeks away, look for even more robust posting here. We’ve got big plans for the trip and for our blog, so stay tuned.

Also worth noting …

From here and there around the Catholic press:

 — Spreading the message of mercy. A story in the Arlington Catholic Herald in Virginia about a local nun who feels a close connection to St. Faustina Kowalska, the Polish nun who promoted the divine mercy devotions on the Sunday after Easter.

St. Vincent’s ‘Flat Stanley’ visits Congress, travels afar. A feature from the Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City on how second-graders at a local Catholic school learn geography and language arts by following the travels of their own Flat Stanley.

Diocese begins stem-cell-education program. A campaign in the Diocese of Rochester, N.Y., to counter a state plan to fund stem-cell research is described by the Catholic Courier.