‘Meditation made easy’

Also for Easter reflection, St. Anthony Messenger magazine has a primer on meditation. The article explains that, though we think meditation is only for monks and nuns, we already meditate each day of our life and we probably also already engage in contemplation, a practice some Catholics believe is only attempted by deeply spiritual people. 

Story, video on new Stations of the Cross

For your Good Friday contemplation, our friends at FaithLife, the biweekly news bulletin of the Diocese of Erie, Pa., sent in a story as well as a video on an artist and an art professor working on new hand-made mosaic Stations of the Cross for a local parish. The story can be accessed here (it’s in .pdf format but can be read by magnifying the page), but perhaps more interesting is the accompanying video showing how the mosaics were created.

‘Pay It Forward’ contest reaps bountiful harvest

For the past few weeks here we’ve been following the progress of the “Pay It Forward for Lent” contest of The Catholic Spirit in St. Paul, Minn. Read here about its remarkable success.