Journeys of faith highlighted at Easter

‘Tis the season when thousands of people are making the final preparations to be received into the church at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday evening. Many Catholic publications are highlighting some of the journeys these new partners in faith have made.

For instance, the Catholic Explorer in the Diocese of Joliet, Ill., tells the story of a former evangelical minister who converted to the faith in 1999 and now has a traveling ministry as a motivational speaker. Or, check this story in The Catholic Spirit in St. Paul, Minn., about another recent convert “infecting” family and friends with her enthusiasm for the faith. The Catholic Sentinel in Portland, Ore., also had a roundup of some Oregon residents who will be newly initiated into the faith at Easter.

And for a first-person account of what it is like to walk on a journey of faith with 23 new Catholics, look at this story in St. Anthony Messenger magazine by a parish religious education director in California.

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