Blogging on the theme of the papal visit

The USCCB today announced the launching of its papal visit blog, “an inside view of papal visit preparations, views from the pew, and reflections on the meaning of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States.”

One of those reflections is a look at the trip’s theme, “Christ Our Hope.” But this is not your ordinary (read: boring) essay on the philosophical or theological meaning of three words that many who follow the trip won’t even remember. Instead, Helen Osman, USCCB secretary of communications, tells a real-life story of Christian hope:

“Christ Our Hope:” Seems like a safe theme for the 2008 papal visit, doesn’t it? Hope is a nice word; the politicians have grabbed on to it; it’s a great Scripture for newlyweds.

But hope can be a very dangerous word, if you really believe in Christian hope. Just ask Martha Sweed Walker.

Read on to discover what it can really mean.

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