What should the pope say in America?

(CNS/Paul Haring)At least two CNS clients are beginning to explore what Pope Benedict might say and what he might find during his U.S. trip., while a third blogs about those questions.

— The National Catholic Reporter published the first of what it says will be four essays leading up to the papal visit. In the first, professor Richard R. Gaillardetz imagines a different kind of papal visit from JPII’s trips, one that would be largely a fact-finding mission that would show that “the American religious scene is not the same as that in Western Europe.”

— The National Catholic Register blogged this week about the Gaillardetz piece and pointed to an earlier papal-visit preview piece by Catholic journalist Russell Shaw, who wants to give the pope “an honest picture of the real state of American Catholicism behind the ecclesiastical Potemkin Village façade that will be on display.”

— One of America magazine’s blogs is asking readers to weigh in on what the pope’s message to America should be. A sampling of responses, it says, will be published before the trip.

As we often say on the bottom of the first take of a breaking story, more to come …

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