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Grand Master R.I.P.

The grand master of the Knights of Malta, Fra Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, died in Rome on Thursday. His passing means that Rome will host a new election — the Knights call it a conclave — sometime soon. For those … Continue reading

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Using ‘Big Brother’ to explain the Jesuit election process

Father Carlo Casalone, an Italian delegate to the Jesuit General Congregation, said it was interesting that “Grande Fratello,” the Italian version of the televison program “Big Brother,” had its season premiere Jan. 21, just two days after the Jesuits elected their … Continue reading

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Is McCain pro-life?

Now that Sen. John McCain appears to be this year’s presumptive Republican presidential nominee, one developing storyline is whether he’ll have the support of the pro-life movement this fall. A glimpse into that debate can be found in the pages of … Continue reading

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