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Rome’s imam to visit city’s synagogue

Obviously Rome is a city where religion makes the news regularly and prominently. The Italian news agencies, television and radio stations and newspapers all have reporters working full-time covering the Vatican, which makes it even more amazing when an Italian … Continue reading

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‘Catholic evangelization with YouTube’

If you’re not very familiar with what Catholics are doing on new media sites such as YouTube or Facebook, this story will get you up to date. Published in the latest edition of the Western Catholic Reporter in Edmonton, Alberta, … Continue reading

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Inside the Jesuit General Congregation

After the opening Mass for the Jesuit’s General Congregation and the election of the congregation officers last week, the Jesuit press office wasn’t exactly rolling out reams of reports. In fact, there was nothing. Father Jose DeVera, the press officer, … Continue reading

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NAC suffers a soccer shutout

Not a good Clericus Cup weekend for North American College. The seminary’s soccer team, known as the North American Martyrs, struggled in a 3-0 loss Saturday to the International Ecclesial College “Sede Sapientiae.” It was a windy, wet and somewhat … Continue reading

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Journalist tells of life in Pakistan after Bhutto

For a first-person account of what it feels like to live under the threat of violence in Pakistan these days, check out this account by Kamran Chaudhry, Pakistan bureau chief for the Asian church news agency UCA News. Chaudry writes … Continue reading

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CNS column explores why Catholics stop going to Mass

A column by Father Eugene Hemrick on why Catholics stop attending Mass is getting well-deserved attention in the blogosphere, but no one knows that it’s ours! Actually, we’re not that bothered by isolated instances like this. Besides, the original post of the … Continue reading

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Saints in the pipeline?

L’Osservatore Romano has turned into a real newspaper, and that means its delivery every afternoon is no longer a nonevent. One huge change is that the paper is actually interviewing Vatican officials. The latest was Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins (left), … Continue reading

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