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An idea whose time has come

When Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes (left) recently launched a worldwide prayer campaign to seek spiritual reparation for priestly sexual abuse, it rang a bell. A quick search of our files showed that Cardinal John P. Foley made a similar proposal … Continue reading

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Let the sun shine

The German solar company SolarWorld gave Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican a brilliant gift for Christmas. Thanks to the Bonn-based company’s generosity, a $1.5 million solar power system will be donated and installed for free on the Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall … Continue reading

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Milingo in Rome

Excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is coming to Rome this week for an unspecified period of time. The married Zambian archbishop has continued to illicitly ordain married men as part of his Married Priests Now! campaign. The group was formed by the archbishop to promote a … Continue reading

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Dispassionate debate at the Supreme Court

“Just the facts, ma’am,” Detective Jack Webb used to say on “Dragnet.” That’s the safest approach to reporting on oral arguments before the Supreme Court. Leave the analysis to the pundits. So it was with a fair amount of thought … Continue reading

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