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Passing off bad, old news as “good as new”

We all know recycling is a good idea, but let’s save it for glass and plastic. An old news story on Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno was recently reheated and served up as new on the Internet. Why? Who knows. Maybe … Continue reading

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Update on the Dolan brothers

You may remember our item late last month on Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan and his brother hosting a TV series in Milwaukee on evangelization. Here’s an update, courtesy of the Catholic Herald in Milwaukee, which reports that in a discussion … Continue reading

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When the Dalai Lama comes knocking

Should Pope Benedict meet the Dalai Lama every time he comes knocking on the Vatican’s door? The question arose after the Vatican said the pope would not be holding an audience with the Tibetan spiritual leader this month. “I would have liked to … Continue reading

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Israeli ambassador says goodbye

Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican, Oded Ben-Hur, said goodbye to a group of friends at a reception at his residence Monday night. He’s returning soon to Jerusalem after more than four years in Rome, and among those gathered to bid … Continue reading

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USCCB withdraws review of “The Golden Compass”

Today the U.S. bishops withdrew the review of the film “The Golden Compass,” which opened in theaters in the United States Dec. 7. The review was written by Harry Forbes and John Mulderig, the director and staff reviewer respectively of … Continue reading

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Bishops say theologian’s book could mislead Catholics

Readers looking for additional background on today’s statement by the U.S. bishops’ doctrine committee on “problematic aspects” in the writings of Vietnamese-American theologian Father Peter C. Phan of Georgetown University can find it in our September story when the examination of … Continue reading

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“Golden Compass,” Part 2

Or maybe this is Part 3, if you count both the brief post here from last month and our comprehensive look two days ago of Catholic press coverage on both sides of the issue. More items found since Wednesday: — Bishop Jerome E. Listecki … Continue reading

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