Ring around the Advent wreath

VATICAN CITY — Exactly 24 hours after I laid eyes on Pope Benedict’s Advent wreath (pictured left) and noticed its four red candles, our friends at Catholic Press Photo here in Rome were in the papal library on another pool assignment. They knew from my phone calls yesterday that I was disappointed they didn’t have a picture of it. In fact, they hadn’t even noticed it.

I had told them it’s just inside the library, on the right, against the wall.

Well, CPP photographer Giancarlo Giuliani informed me — and about 60 seconds later sent the photo as proof — the wreath has been given a more prominent display. It now sits almost in the center of the room.

PHOTOS: Pope Benedict XVI’s Advent wreath is pictured above and at left during the pope’s meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the Vatican Dec. 7. The wreath follows the German tradition of using red candles. Pope Benedict was born in the Bavarian region of Germany. (CNS photos/Giancarlo Giuliani, Catholic Press Photo)

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