Former diocesan journalist studying for the priesthood

This story came as a pleasant surprise to me. Christopher Gray, who I’ve known for a couple years as a staff writer and the techno-expert for the Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City, is completing his first semester studying for the priesthood.

But the story by Intermountain Catholic editor Barbara Stinson Lee will be of interest to more than just Christopher’s friends. It also gives a glimpse of what life is like in today’s seminaries (in this case, Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon).

But since I know Christopher, I had to smile when I read this:

For a 26-year-old man who never had any trouble multi-tasking, Gray said he is grateful the seminary has allowed him to focus. “I can actually direct my thoughts to just one thing at a time.”

All of us in the Catholic press are multi-taskers, but Christopher might have been the king — writing for the paper, editing the paper’s monthly Spanish publication, and managing the paper’s award-winning Web site, including its streaming video segments and podcasts with Salt Lake City Bishop John C. Wester. So I’m jealous that he direct his focus these days to single topics.

But I’m guessing that will end soon enough, since we all know how many directions priests are pulled in today. And Christopher, with his technology skills and interests, will undoubtedly be using those skills to advance the church’s ministry in new and exciting ways.

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