This week in Origins

Here’s the rundown for the latest edition of Origins: CNS Documentary Service dated Dec. 6:

  • Muslim scholars have proposed that love of God and neighbor be the basis for a dialogue with Christians. Key to the outcome of such a dialogue, says the Vatican’s U.N. ambassador, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, is whether the understanding of these terms leads to recognition of the human dignity of every person. (Subscribers: Click here)
  • Contemporary society’s failure to give questions of meaning their proper weight has led to a false conflict between religion and the secular, says Irish Bishop Donal Murray of Limerick. He says the real conflict is between searchers of deeper meaning and those who believe human life has no meaning beyond what can be measured, analyzed and scientifically proven, and it puts at risk the health of secular society. (Subscribers: Click here)
  • In a letter to teenagers, the U.S. bishops describe the challenge of being a disciple. (Subscribers: Click here)
  • The Maryland Catholic Conference notes that tensions and confusions have followed the movement of the national immigration debate into neighborhoods, schools, churches and homes. It urges Catholics to join in honest, respectful and prayerful discussion of their concerns — and to see in each other the face of Christ. (Subscribers: Click here)
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