More on the cardinal and the camel

Yesterday, dotCommonweal had a nice post on last weekend’s consistory, including a link to our earlier piece on Cardinal John Foley, which recounted the story when the young priest-editor took a photo of his boss, Cardinal John Krol, astride a camel in Egypt. It should have been no surprise that the first question the post generated was, “Does anybody have the picture?” 

Rocco over at Whispers posted one version last night, but here’s an even better version from the CNS files:

And here’s the caption that ran with it:

HE’D WALK A MILE … — Who’s that behind the sunglasses astride a mighty “ship of the desert?” Why it’s John of Philadelphia… Pa., that is. He’s better known as Cardinal John Krol, who has fun trying a native means of transportation during a break in his trip to the land of the pyramids and other places in the Mideast. (NC photo by Father John Foley) (8/8/75)

(For those of you too young to remember, we used to be known as National Catholic News Service, or NC News, until we changed the name to CNS in 1989.)

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