New TV series puts the brothers Dolan on air together

One is a Milwaukee radio and TV personality, the other is the local archbishop. And now the two brothers — Bob Dolan and Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan — are together on a weekly Saturday TV program in Milwaukee called “Living Our Faith.”

Milwaukee’s Catholic Herald has the story of the making of the program, including quotes from brother Bob, who’s apparently not just being nice when he says his brother the archbishop does an impressive job in front of the cameras. From the story:

“He’s an absolute natural on TV,” said Bob. “It’s unbelievable. I’ve worked in TV 25 years with people who make a living at it, and he’s better than they are. He’s so good he makes me nervous. I’m supposed to be the pro here, but the guy sitting next to me is doing it better than me.”

It’s all part of an evangelization effort by the Milwaukee Archdiocese.  But the Herald story notes that TV wasn’t even in the original plan until pieces started falling into place.

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