Yesterday’s call for civility in American politics: the full text

Last I checked, not many news organizations or bloggers (with one exception) have covered what for us was one of yesterday’s top stories: a statement by a group of prominent lay Catholics calling for a “spirit of civility” in all political discussions, including in the church.

The statement is certain to be controversial because it directly addresses the issue of denying Communion to Catholic politicians who oppose church teachings. It calls fitness to receive Communion a matter of personal responsibility, but it also warns politicians that they risk giving “the appearance of hypocracy” if they “advertise their Catholicism as part of their political appeal, but ignore the church’s moral teachings in their political life.”

The fact that this is a high-powered, bipartisan group of Catholics makes the story hard for us to ignore, unlike some of the other more predictable statements issued on either side of this debate. As journalists we’re not going to tell you what we think of the statement, just that it’s another element of the story as we move closer to next year’s election season.

If you want to read the full statement, here’s a link to a post by one of the participating organizations.

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