‘Bella’ opening draws lots of attention

With the movie “Bella” opening this Friday in select theaters, the Catholic press is filled with articles on the film, the plot and its main star, Eduardo Verastegui. Some examples:

  • The Leaven in Kansas City, Kan., tells how the local archbishop arranged a pre-screening in Kansas City after he saw the movie and found it positive and inspiring.  It says “Bella” compares favorably with such highly acclaimed movies as “Life Is Beautiful,” “Chariots of Fire,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Hotel Rwanda,” and “American Beauty.”
  • Another pre-screening of the film was held in the Diocese of Honolulu, reports the Hawaii Catholic Herald.
  • The Tidings in Los Angeles, in a story headlined “Only in Hollywood: Chance meeting after Mass leads to ‘Bella’,” relates how a meeting between one man struggling with his faith and another man quite comfortable with it (Verastegui) set the wheels in motion for the film.
  • In an editorial, the National Catholic Register says the movie “gives us hope that Catholics can reclaim territory we used to own, but have too often ceded: The arts.”
  • The Catholic Sun in Phoenix has an excellently written review of “Bella.” Writer Rebecca Bostic admits to some minor flaws in the movie but remarks that Verastegui gives an “incredible” performance and says the film “asks people to think about the mystery of life’s goodness” as did Pope John Paul II in his encyclical “Evangelium Vitae.”

Also worth checking out is this previous CNS News Hub entry on the film.

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