Amnesty International’s abortion policy draws criticism, response

Amnesty International’s new policy calling for the elimination of penalties for anyone who provides an abortion or obtains one is still being debated in the pages of the Catholic press. The National Catholic Register editoralizes that Amnesty is “baldly misrepresenting facts in a desperate attempt to escape the consequences of its own actions.” In Canada, meanwhile, the Toronto-based Catholic Register‘s recent editorial decrying the move brought a rejoinder from a Canadian representative of the organization who tried to explain the rationale behind the decision.

‘Evan Almighty’: A film study guide for Catholic Christians

If you’ve seen or plan to see the new motion picture “Evan Almighty” (the one about a modern-day Noah and his ark, if you’ve just emerged from under a rock), you may want to read this article in The Tidings in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles by Sister Rose Pacatte. The second half of it offers 11 “questions for reflection and conversation” on the movie’s themes. (And you can read the CNS review from the U.S. bishops’ Office for Film and Broadcasting here.)