Maryland bishops write pastoral letter on care of sick and dying

The nine active Catholic bishops serving Maryland have issued moral guidance on questions relating to medical care and treatment, nutrition and hydration, pain-relieving medication, pregnancy and imminent death from terminal illness. The Catholic Review in Baltimore has the details and also has a separate story on the thinking behind the document and the hope that many Catholics will read it.

Bishop’s podcast discusses church’s ‘neophytes’

The Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City has posted another podcast from Bishop John C. Wester, this time on the “neophytes,” those who entered the church at Easter and are now beginning their lives as Catholics.

Pope’s critics seek to deny freedom of religion

In a column in The Beacon of Paterson, N.J., Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli addresses the issue of Catholic politicians and abortion, saying critics in Congress of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent comments about abortion and excommunication ultimately want to deny him freedom of speech and deny the church freedom of religion.