Lowlife vermin? Immigration debate reaches archbishop’s mailbox

It’s not often that an archbishop gives you a glimpse into his mailbox, but Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver does just that in a column in the Denver Catholic Register urging support for an immigration-reform compromise that he calls imperfect but a sensible first step.

“When you get an email that says, ‘Goddamn your soul to hell for protecting those lowlife filthy (illegal immigrant) vermin’ — as I did just last week — it gets your attention for its sheer mental illness,” writes Archbishop Chaput.

There are legitimate differences on immigration reform, he says. “But if we conduct that debate in a stupid and vindictive way — these are exactly the right adjectives for it — we demean ourselves. If we behave like bigots, we eventually become bigots.”

Song comforts students after Va. Tech tragedy

The morning after the Virginia Tech shootings, a man awoke with a song of God’s love in his heart, reports The Catholic Virginian in the Diocese of Richmond. What happened next helped comfort students at another Virginia public university and moved a campus minister to tears. The paper also provides a link to the My Space page where the song can be heard and downloaded.

In a related story, the Catholic Standard in the Archdiocese of Washington interviewed some local Virginia Tech-bound Catholic high school seniors on why the tragedy strengthened their resolve to attend the university.