And now, a word from our sponsors …

If you’ve stumbled across this site, or followed the link this week from “Whispers in the Loggia,” welcome!

And now, an explanation:

As of this writing, this is still a test site, a prototype (should we call it the beta version?) for a new “CNS News Hub” that we might launch later this year. The current News Hub is still alive at the Catholic News Service Web site; most of what you’ll see here is merely copied from the current site.

Since this is a mere prototype, we weren’t going to announce it until we had the completed final design. But like all things on the Internet, it didn’t take long for Rocco Palmo to find it (probably because we had just linked to a story on his talk in Madison).

So, if you’re reading this before we “go live,” forgive the dust that you’re bound to get on your sandals as you poke around in our construction zone. We won’t tell the vice principal that you’re wandering the hallways without a hall pass.

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