Road to reform: How do Minutemen figure into immigration debate?

With immigration reform on the national agenda and the U.S. bishops favoring family reunification and a plan to bring illegal aliens “out of the shadows,” The Catholic Sun in Phoenix took a close look at the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps and found that its members also have no simple answers for the country’s immigration crisis.

Former Labor Secretary broke barriers with faith

Former Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman, a Catholic and the first African-American to hold the position, told an Atlanta audience recently that she took a risk for her faith when, as a 15-year-old, she challenged the bishop in her native Mobile, Ala., to end the segregation policies of the city’s Catholic schools. The Georgia Bulletin recounts her fascinating story of how her expulsion from school for daring to confront racism galvanized a community and led to the integration of Catholic education in the diocese.

Cardinal reflects on 10 years as archbishop

Cardinal Francis E. George has been archbishop of Chicago for 10 years, so the Catholic New World sat down with him for an interview on the challenges facing the Chicago Archdiocese and what’s been accomplished in the last decade.