‘Origins’ this week features Cardinal Levada on transforming the world, Asian indigenous peoples

Here’s the rundown on what’s in the latest edition of Origins: CNS Documentary Service:

  • Does the hope for eternal life remove Christians from the world and time in which they live or compromise their commitment to build a better world here and now? To the contrary, argues Cardinal William J. Levada, head of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation: It is Christian faith in “the life of the world to come” that provides the vision and strength needed to transform the world. (Subscribers: click here)
  • The values of Asian indigenous peoples may appear incompatible with the thrust of modern life. Yet a holistic approach to their development that does not limit itself to economic aspects but seeks to improve their quality of life without destroying their identity, dignity and way of life would benefit both the indigenous communities and the developers, says an interfaith workshop that met recently in Vietnam. (Subscribers: click here)

Origins this week also has the complete author index and title index for Volume 36, which is now complete.

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