When grief meets grace

What would you do if an alcohol-impaired driver was responsible for your 23-year-old son’s death? The Leaven in Kansas City, Kan., has the incredible story of how one mother in that situation not only forgave the driver but also allowed him to console her and how she drew close to him as if he was a member of her family. This is a story of faith and mercy you won’t soon forget.

Man owes his life to prayer and an organ donor

Billy Maggio was well on his way to becoming a military jet pilot when cancer derailed his plans. He’s alive today thanks to the prayers of thousands of strangers and a timely liver transplant, according to this Florida Catholic story.

Abuse crisis response stresses caring, knowledge

The clergy sex abuse scandal brought forth all kinds of disconcerting emotions from Catholics nationwide, but The Record in Louisville, Ky., reports that a positive and promising result developed “away from the glare of television newscast floodlights and the voice recorders of newspaper reporters.” This story might not be all that unusual since many dioceses have similar programs, but it serves as a reminder that, as one archdiocesan official says, the church is no longer naive about the problem.