Growing grassroots ministry brings light and healing to survivors of sexual abuse

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, so the Denver Catholic Register has a story about a local ministry called Spiritual Survivors, which is celebrating its third anniversary this month. One of the founders says the ministry’s purpose is to provide “a safe place for survivors to talk about their abuse and the impact it’s had on their lives and their spirituality.”

Paulist novice ‘rare exception’

A Tennessee native is studying for the priesthood with the Paulist Fathers at age 52, but what makes his story even more unusual, according to The East Tennessee Catholic in Knoxville, is that his service in the Peace Corps helped guide him to Catholicism more than 25 years ago.

Ghana man tells of hunger, hope

The Catholic Courier in Rochester, N.Y., tells the story of a Ghana native who finds that one part of lecturing at U.S. schools is personally painful to him: the site of unfinished lunches and milk cartons in the cafeteria garbage. Thomas Awiapo said he seeks not to chastise Americans, but enlighten them about needs in his native Ghana.