Immigration issues highlighted in L.A., Minnesota

Immigration reform is on the agenda of two Catholic papers this week:

Society sells sex: Can youths be taught not to buy?

“Sex sells,” notes Our Sunday Visitor in a feature story that points out that even preschoolers are the targets of modern marketing. But the national Catholic weekly says parents and church can promote “virtuous alternatives.”

Alumnus and former campus minister insist Hokies will move on

It’s a long way from Blacksburg, Va., to Salt Lake City, but the Virginia Tech shootings last month struck close to home for a Utah couple married in the school’s War Memorial Chapel. The Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City tells the story of Cate and Daniel O. Adams, who both once worked at Virginia Tech, including a stint in Norris Hall.

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‘Origins’ this weeks features safe environment programs, evangelization, teen faith formation

Origins, the CNS Documentary Service, this week has the texts of two documents on safe environment programs aimed at protecting children from abuse. In one, the U.S. bishops’ Safe Environment Work Group reports that 5.76 million children and young people have received safety training since the bishops mandated it in response to the church’s sexual abuse crisis. (Subscribers: click here)

But in the second, the Catholic Medical Association attacks safe environment programs as ineffective and potentially damaging to children and families. (Subscribers: click here)

(Click here for the CNS story on the documents.)

Also in Origins this week:

  • The church cannot simply wait for people to find their way into it on their own, says Cardinal Avery Dulles. “The message to be believed is a story to be told. Unless people hear it, they cannot be expected to believe it. Who except us, who are within the community of faith, can tell the world about Jesus Christ?” he asks. (Subscribers: click here)
  • Stronger, sustained, meaningful adult relationships are key to engaging teenagers in learning faith, says Bishop Richard J. Malone, who suggests that adolescent catechetical programs can be made more intellectually engaging through the use of art, poetry, music and drama. (Subscribers: click here)

Omaha nun fights to end death penalty

As the May 8 scheduled execution of a Nebraska inmate drew near (the state Supreme Court ended up delaying the execution before it took place), The Catholic Voice in Omaha published a feature on a Creighton University theology professor who has been urging an end to the death penalty for more than a decade. A sidebar story in the same edition explains church teaching on capital punishment but points out the difference between the death penalty and other life issues, such as abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Maryland students share love of books with Pensacola students

A Lenten project at a Maryland Catholic school benefitted a Florida public school in a disadvantaged neighborhood, according to this story in the Florida Catholic. Students in Maryland managed to collect $3,500 to purchase a book for each of the 461 students at the Florida school.

‘A statement in stone’

Catholics in the upper Midwest know that the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minn., is an architectural landmark in the history of Catholicism in the region. The Catholic Spirit, archdiocesan newspaper of St. Paul-Minneapolis, is celebrating the centennial of the cathedral with a special section looking at its history and at the man whose vision led to the cathedral’s construction, Archbishop John Ireland.

Prom and post-prom safety are a priority for schools

With high school prom season about to peak, the Catholic Explorer in the Diocese of Joliet, Ill., has a story on what local Catholic schools are doing to ensure student safety on prom night.

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